Brand Kit


Color palette


RGB 0, 0, 0
HEX #000000
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100
Pantone Black C


RGB 255, 95, 31
CMYK 0, 82, 100, 0
Pantone Orange 021 C


RGB 255, 255, 255
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0


Open Sans ExtraBold
Open Sans Bold
Open Sans SemiBold
Open Sans Regular
Open Sans Condensed ExtraBold
Open Sans Condensed Bold
Open Sans Condensed SemiBold
Open Sans Condensed Regular
* Condensed version for titles in digital media only.

Open Sans Condensed ExtraBold Italic

Open Sans Condensed Bold Italic

Open Sans Condensed SemiBold Italic

Open Sans Condensed Regular Italic

* In case where the title is on the same canvas with the logo, it’s also possible to use condensed italic, all caps version..

Imagery and graphics

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